Captured by Justin Miller


With additional thoughts by MUSA “Magic as visual and direct as Captured does not come along often, it is truly a thing of beauty” – Dan White “All I can say is WOW! Captured has a very nice visual and audible feel to it… I LOVE IT!” – Dan Hauss “This takes Cap in Bottle to the NEXT level! I love that I can fimally do this is the spectators hand and I longe have to wear a PK ring.” – B. Smith “Captured is the ONLY cap in bottle I’ll ever do. This solves the problems I had with several other cap bottle routines. This trick is almost self working.” – Eric Jones “OMG.. WTF.. This is thet SHIZNIT of Cap in bottles!” – Chris Kenner “Captured is truly captivating… get it… CAPtivating… ha ha” – Danny Garcia REVIEWS “I thought I had seen everything regarding “cap in bottle,” but that’s until I saw Justin Miller’s brilliant “Captured”…I really like this visual and stunning effect. ” Wayne Kawamoto, 3/26/2009 Full Review “If you like cap through bottle, there is no easier, more direct and more visual method than Captured. 5/5 stars rating.” John Teo, Magic Boutique (Singapore) 5/18/2009 Full Review “This cap in bottle effect is stunning to see…The method is clever – very, very clever.” Norman Beck, M-U-M Magazine 11/1/2009

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