Coin Extraction coin unique £1/20p


Coin Extraction £1/20p Format

This new version using a 20p and a £1 coin is a real Fooler.

A Coin No Magician Should Be Without Ideal For Novice and Pro's

This coin is an up to date version of this classic coin Gimmick.

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Product Description

Now fitted with a rare earth magnet ,machined to the highest standard with a taper fit for smooth reliable operation.

Effects included

Matchbox Vanish

2 coins are placed in a matchbox the box is closed and given to a spectator to hold ,

on opening the matchbox one coin is found to have vanished.

Other Effects Include

The Coin Extraction Trick (A 20p is passed under a £1. The 20p Vanishes and a 5p appears)

Basic Hand Vanish

Glass Vanish

Coin Through Card

Coin Through Table

Container Vanish

Additional Information

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