Mind Peek by Mark Belcher


What if you asked a spectator to write down the age and name of someone they know, even a pet, and you could accurately predict what they have written while the card sits in a black, opaque plastic sleeve?

The audience see’s a black plastic sleeve on both sides whilst the card is in the sleeve, yet you have already peeked the information while they can’t, very openly.

This is Mind Peek by Mark Belcher and is an exclusive product only to The House of Magic UK.

Each product is lovingly handcrafted, and comes with an extra bonus gimmick sleeve where you can almost instantly change a players card into another card. The pack also comes with a few blank playing cards and some Mind Peek cards, which allow you to have the audience predict something themselves!

This effect will fit perfectly into any Mentalism style routine, it resets instantly and you can perform this effect pretty much surrounded.

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