Psi Series Banachek- #3, DVD


Do you want to find a needle in a haystack? Using the power of your mind and a little help from your volunteer, you can find anything through your heightened sense of touch. Almost anything you can do in mentalism can be re-enacted using Psychophysiological Thought Reading. This DVD also includes Banachek’s first national television appearance. Here he uses the Psychophysiological response to find a playing card hidden in a shopping mall. Additional material included in personal interviews explain how to work with agents, getting booked on the college circuit, trade shows and restaurants, performing on the radio, getting publicity, using disclaimers, accepting challenges and more. Effects and Explanations Poker Chip Detection Finding Your Check Finding Numbers Which Hand? Non-Contact Mind Reading Audience Expectations What if You are Wrong? Interviews Radio Magic College Circuit Trade Shows Restaurants Agents Improvising Publicity Disclaimers Scottish Girl Terms of the Trade Challenges

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