The Coin Press By Andy Hurst



This is one of the nicest brass/coin effects we have ever seen its also a very nice effect self working and will probably become very collectable.
A brass base is show with the impression of the tails side of a £1 coin a brass disc the size of a pound coin (a £1 blank if you like) also a brass cover with the heads side of the coin in it.
The brass blank is placed on the base the cover is placed on top and they are pressed together, when the cover is removed you are left with a new £1 coin and all can be examined and I mean given out for a close look.
If the spectator says why don’t you make money all day just tell them it costs £1.20 for the brass blanks. The coin press has been performed and reviewed by very well established Magicians Like Dave Charles, Dominic Reyes, David Penn, Chris Stickland and many more. Easy to look good with this self working Magic Trick

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