Topit Deluxe (Normal Size & Right Handed)


The Topit for decades has been the professional magicians secret weapon to pull off some amazing magical vanishes. There are many gimmicks available on the market today that vanish specific objects from coins to decks of cards. With the Topit however you can vanish literally any hand held object, no longer do you need to buy separate gimmicks for different objects, from mobiles to rings, with practise you can vanish anything!

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Product Description

Some magicians have been put off from purchasing a Topit however as the old designs were fiddly to attach to your person and required pins or ‘tucking in’ a shirt. This troublesome method to attaching a Topit meant people were put off from ever purchasing and practising with one. Here at House of Magic UK however we believe we have solved this problem, our new Topit the Topit Deluxe has a brand new design to allow you to attach it with ease! No more pins! No more fiddling about for ages trying to attach it! All you need is a pair of trousers and a belt! The Topit Deluxe is also made with the finest, strongest material possible and comes in two sizes; Normal Topit Size and a new Casual Jacket size! The new casual size is ideal to fit in any light jacket on the market and so is ideal for street or bar magic! We’re proud of this product and believe it really is the best on the market currently. The Topit also comes with its own instructional booklet to help you practise with it. Buy them today before they vanish!


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