Versabox by Mark Evans (Pre-Order Only)


A miracle in your card case!

The most versatile magic prop ever. Turn your normal card case into a working magic gimmick!

Mental ACAAN: A freely selected card is signed with the name of somebody he knows. The card is placed inside the card box. Spectator gives a random number, cards are then dealt down to that number. When the counted down card is turned over its the spectators! When the box is opened another revelation occurs, the pair/mate of the chosen card has now appeared in the card box!

Serial Box: A serial number from a spectators borrowed bill is successfully divined to the amazement of all watching.

VB Coin Vanish: A signed coin is placed in a card box. The box is shaken and the coin can clearly be heard rattling inside. Another shake however and the box falls silent. Its opened and the coin has vanished only for it to reappear in a place of the magicians choosing!

Versabox comes with:

  • Custom made gimmick that fits into ANY card box!

  • Full video tutorial



  • Practically self-working

  • Instantly resets

  • Has no bad angles

  • Totally reusable gimmick

Get it today and perform it for a lifetime!


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