Stuart Millward

None of this doves in the sleeve nonsense, Stuart is a close-up magician, and a whole lot more!

If you’re looking for a magician to entertain guests or clients then look no further. Ignore the image of a traditional ‘old school’ magician, with Stuart there are no ‘doves’ or ‘vanishing handkerchiefs’, imagine instead, signed playing cards appearing in unlikely places, solid metal objects bending in spectators hands and unseen sketches duplicated through mind reading.

Stuart dispels the stuffy picture of a crusty old magician and brings magic up to date and makes it exciting and entertaining for you. He has performed at many varied venues and locations, including Football and Rugby Grounds, Safari Parks, Country Hotels, Colleges and Museums to name just a few! Stuart Millward has been a professional close up magician for over five years. He is also the owner of one of the UK’s last few remaining bricks and mortar magic shops, House of Magic UK.

Available for booking at nearly any event, be it a wedding, birthday celebration, Trade Show, Anniversary Celebration, Corporate Function or anything else you can think of, he’s guaranteed to bring stunning magic and entertainment. Specialising in ‘Close-Up Magic’, which is sometimes called ‘Table Magic’ or ‘Mix and Mingle Magic’, Stuart brings the magic right to the spectator. The magic happens right in front of them, sometimes even in their own hands. If you’ve ever seen David Blaine or Dynamo then you know the kind of reactions you’re going to get. Magic is a perfect ice-breaker, families and friends who have never met before at a wedding are soon joining in the fun together, clients or staff at a corporate function are bonding and relaxing as they watch.

Not only will they be impressed on the day they’ll talk about the fact you had a magician at your function for years to come. Contact Stuart now for a free, no pressure, quote and chat about his services on 01384 373209 or email at He is based in the West Midlands but is willing to travel anywhere! Generally his fee will be £100 per hour.